Standard Gas Springs


Standard compression gas springs are normally extended, self-contained force generating devices that consist of a rod attached to a piston with an orifice that moves within a sealed cylinder. The cylinder contains high pressure nitrogen that produces force in extension. Compression gas springs are the most common gas springs in the marketplace as they provide a compact, high force solution to a wide variety of lifting and counterbalancing applications. 
To choose the best solution for your needs, please review the features and benefits of each product range below: standard gas springs


Gas Spring Applications

  • Tool Boxes, Lids & Access Panel Covers
  • Trunk Bed Tonneau Covers
  • Recreation & Speciality vehicles
  • Industrial & Agricultural Equipment
  • Printing Presses
  • Automotive Hood Props (Hood Struts/Hood Supports)
  • Tanning Bed Gas Struts
  • Photo Copier Covers
  • Utility, Travel and Cargo Trailers
  • Trunk, Gate & Hatch Lift Supports
  • Locking gas springs for all types of adjustable chairs
  • Bus, Truck & Aircraft Cargo Door Gas Springs